Search4Code: Code Search Intent Classification Using Weak Supervision

Published at Mining Software Repositories (MSR), 2021

Developers use search for various tasks such as finding code, documentation, debugging information, etc. In particular, web search is heavily used by developers for finding code examples and snippets during the coding process. Recently, natural language based code search has been an active area of research. However, the lack of real-world large-scale datasets is a significant bottleneck. In this work, we propose a weak supervision based approach for detecting code search intent in search queries for C# and Java programming languages. We evaluate the approach against several baselines on a real-world dataset comprised of over 1 million queries mined from Bing web search engine and show that the CNN based model can achieve an accuracy of 77% and 76% for C# and Java respectively. Furthermore, we are also releasing Search4Code, the first large-scale real-world dataset of code search queries mined from Bing web search engine. We hope that the dataset will aid future research on code search.

The paper has been accepted for virtual presentation at MSR 2021.

Collaborators - Chetan Bansal, Joe Guan

Please find all the relevant resources below:

  1. Preprint on ArXiv.
  2. Search4Code: Web queries dataset for code search.