Product Insights: Analyzing Product Intents in Web Search

Microsoft Research Lab - India, Bangalore, India, 2019

Web search engines are frequently used to access information about products. This has increased in recent times with the rising popularity of e-commerce. However, there is limited understanding of what users search for and their intents when it comes to product search on the web. In this work, we study search logs from Bing web search engine to characterize user intents and study user behavior for product search. We propose a taxonomy of product intents by analyzing product search queries. This is a challenging task given that only 15%-17% of web search queries are about products. We train machine learning classifiers with query log features to classify queries based on intent with an overall F1-score of 78%. We further analyze various characteristics of product search queries in terms of search metrics like dwell time, success, popularity and session-specific information.

This work has been accepted as a short paper at CIKM 2020. [Acceptance Rate ≈ 26%]

Collaborators - Chetan Bansal, Dr. Subho Mukherjee, Chandra Maddila

Please find all the relevant resources below:

  1. Preprint on ArXiv.
  2. Conference paper along with presentation video.