Am I Not A Princess?

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No! I was not born in a castle with the whole kingdom rejoicing my birth. And I was definitely not kidnapped by an evil witch right after my birth. Though I do think that would be one hell of a story to tell but sadly none of those fancy things happened. I’m like any other average teenage girl out there. Does that mean I’m not a Princess?

I don’t have a tiara on my head and I don’t own glamourous gowns that flow down my body and sparkle like stars. I didn’t lose my heel made of glass on the stairs of a castle when I tried to pull off a midnight escape. And I definitely did not get locked down in a tower in some distant land in the middle of nowhere. Does this mean that I’m not a Princess?

I don’t have flawless skin that glows nor am I the fairest of them all. I don’t have beautiful long hair and it definitely does not have magical powers. I don’t have an impossibly tiny waist to flaunt. (Don’t blame me! I’m in a serious relationship with food.) I’m not the girl who makes heads turn with her beauty. I’m nowhere close to the word beautiful. Does that mean I’m not a Princess?

I don’t have a melodious voice. I cannot sing songs that will make others fall in love me or my voice. It’ll definitely turn them deaf though. I cannot dance if my life depended on it. I’d end up hurting the people around me or I’ll trip and fall and hurt myself. I can’t play any instrument nor am I any good with art. My talents lie in napping but no I’m not sleeping beauty. I’m more like Anna when it comes to sleep. Does this mean I’m not a Princess?

I don’t have any pets and I’m scared of anything and everything that has more than or less than two legs. I’m not good with animals. Nor am I good with people. I have very few friends since I’m invisible to most people. I’m not the girl who everyone loves. I can be sassy sometimes and I’m definitely sarcastic most of the time. I’m not the girl who says sweet things to everyone and makes them smile. I’m straight forward and incapable of sugar coating things. Does this mean I’m not a Princess?

Does this mean that all the girls out there are not Princesses? You may be skinny or fat. You may be really short or really tall? Your face may be covered with acne. You may not have those flawless legs to flaunt and may have stretch marks all over. You may not be good at anything or you may ace at everything. Your skin may be pale or it may be dark. Does all that mean that you’re not a Princess?

Every single girl out there is her Daddy’s little Princess. The lucky boy who she falls in love with is her prince charming and she is definitely his Princess. You may have your own set of flaws and a really long list of things you are not good at. But none of that matters. You are beautiful to your parents no matter what you think. You are the most beautiful girl for the guy who loves you and you cannot change that. It is the way it is and you need to accept that. You need to accept who you are and you should know that you are beautiful irrespective of what others tell you. It is who we choose to be that makes us who we are. It is our choices that sets us apart. It is okay to be different. It’s the differences you need to cherish because that’s what make you “You!” When you feel beautiful everything around you becomes beautiful.

I am a Princess and so are you. #NotYourAverageDisneyPrincess

– Nikitha

PS, high five if you got all my references.